RMM Services


We do repairs on all instruments: woodwinds, brass, and guitar. We do guitar setup and restrings. Our hourly rate is $50 with a $15 minimum. 

  • Restring charges are:

$12.50 for a 6 string guitar

$20 for a 12 string guitar or a guitar with a Floyd Rose system.

We will tune your instrument for free.

Removal of stuck mouthpieces is free.

We do not currently have an amplifier repair tech. However, we highly recommend Audio Specialties in McKinleyville -  822-4626, or Redwood Electronics in Eureka - 443-3106.


Band & Orchestra Instrument Rentals

We rent band and orchestra instruments starting at $26.00 a month. We have a huge assortment of instruments. You can complete a rental agreemtn in the store or you can:   Order Online

PA Rentals

We rent a variety of speakers, monitors, mixers, microphones, snakes and power amps. Pricing depends on the amount of equipment needed and size of speakers. We have small easy to use systems ($40) to large systems for big events ($150-$200). An RMM employee can help you with sizing and prices.


Payment Options:

We offer several different payment options. The following are available at both locations:

  • Traditional layaway : You pick out an instrument or gear you want and put a down payment of at least 10% (non-refundable) down and sign a contract. We will hold it for you for up to 6 months. After 6 months the contract is void and we will put the item back on the floor for sale.
  • Redwood Music Mart Purchase Plan : We offer a purchase plan for purchases totaling $499.99 or less. A contract will need to be completed along with a 15% non-refundable down payment, and proof of income is required. The return policy is 30 days. Minimum purchase of $150 is required.



We have a lesson studio that we rent to local teachers. They set up all their own scheduling and billing. We have a large list of teachers in the area and will gladly tell you which ones teach at the store. Stop by or call to get the list.

Currently in our store, we have teachers  for guitar, ukulele, and piano, and we are always open to new teachers and any instrument lessons. We love to see new aspiring musicians!



We will gladly sell your unwanted gear on consignment for you. We add 25% on top of what you would like to get out of it. An RMM employee can help you determine the value of your used gear if you don't have an idea of it is worth. We have guitar blue books in the store for your use and the internet is always a great tool. We can not do layaways or rentals on consignment items. They are not ours. They belong to the customers who put them on consignment. 


Sheet Music

We can order any printed music that is currently in print from the publisher., and we carry a large selection of the most current and popular music . We also stock books for local schools and teachers . Most special orders take about 1-3 weeks to arrive in store. Special orders need to be paid before we order.